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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Service Areas:
Spokane, Post Falls, Hayden Lake, Coeur d'Alene, Cheney, Airway Heights, Deer Park, Spangle, Liberty Lake.
When you need quality drain cleaning or rooter services in Spokane, contact Action Drain & Rooter right away. We provide top-notch work with the high level of customer service you’ve come to expect from an established family owned and operated business. Action Drain provides Residential & Commercial services for:
Drain Cleaning: Kitchen, Bathroom, & Floor Drains
We can help with all of your Bathroom, Kitchen, Floor, Storm, Sewer or Septic line clog/draining issues. We also provide a maintenance service for main lines with roots. Particularly if you live in an older home with its original plumbing, the issue of tree roots working their way into your pipes is a serious one. We can set you up with a semi-annual, annual, bi-annual reminder as well.
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Sewer, Septic & Storm Drains
We provide premiere service on clearing all drains from kitchen sinks to the sewer. We also provide a preventative maintenance program to keep roots out of your lines.
Video Camera Inspections
Know your line! We can help you with our video camera inspection services. This cost-effective method helps us to verify problems by looking inside the lines. We are able to accurately identify and locate any blockages or damage to the pipes or lines. We offer Premier HD/Color video inspections that will give you all the details you need to make the next step.
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Sewer Line & Septic Tank Location
Need help locating your sewer or septic line? We can help with that too! Locating services can help mark a damaged area or find a sewer or septic line or tank. Eventually your septic tank will need to be pumped and your septic tank lid is not always easy to find, especially when you are not the original home owner.

High Pressure Hydro Jetting Services
Action Drain offers High Pressure Hydro Jetting for lines that have grease and sludge that a cutter just won’t clear. We provide high pressure hydro jetting cleaning to all industrial, commercial and residential properties. Effective at cleaning and clearing debris on all kinds of materials, it is an invaluable tool in the drain cleaning industry. If you need to have your plumbing snaked on a regular basis, a hydro jetting service will eliminate all the debris in the lines.
Pipe Patching Services
If the majority of your line is in good condition and you think you might have just a small portion of pipe that needs repair? Pipe Patching might be for you. We use the Source One Environmental system.
Storm Drain Cleaning
Rain waters can often collect debris that will eventually obstruct the functionality of the drain system. If the rainwater intended to go down the drain instead backs up it could lead to serious problems like flooding.